Adult Anger Management



The Adult Anger Management program assist participants in learning to make better decisions when under stress or experiencing negative emotions.

• Participants will learn that anger is a natural feeling that all human beings experience.

• There is nothing wrong with feeling anger or other negative emotions.

•  Participants learn to make better decisions when becoming angry

Who is Eligible?

  • Anyone who finds that their actions or decisions related to anger are hurting themselves or others are eligible. Court Ordered, Self-Referral, Attorney Referral, EAP, Parole & Probation or Private Therapist, 18 yrs. and above Not for Domestic Violence Abusers!


This program is for 8 weeks – Open Group Clients Must Attend 8 Groups


There is a $35 fee for the intake, and it is  $30 per group.

The total cost is  $275