Economic Empowerment Center

The Economic Empowerment Center project is a partnership between the Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence on the Eastern Shore, the lead partner, and Citizens Assisting and Sheltering the Abused (CASA) in Hagerstown.

Economic Empowerment Center project is intended to help clients who are victims of domestic violence or victims of sexual assault achieve  financial intendance through legal and non-legal services.

As we all know, financial dependence causes many victims to stay in abusive relationships. After a victim leaves an abusive relationship, he or she often has financial difficulty. Under our project, victims will receive legal services for those issues that are obstacles to achieving self-sufficiency. For example, excessive debt, need for child support, conflict with a landlord, denial of claim for benefits or reimbursement.


  • Divorce and/or Custody
  • FPO Enforcement
  • Separation/Settlement Agreements
  • Child Support
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • Consumer Protection
  • Debt Collection/Negotiation
  • Public Benefits, Social Security
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Employment
  • Education
  • MVA
  • Other