Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Coordinator (LEC)

The Law Enforcement Coordinator is dedicated to working with local law enforcement agencies in Kent, Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot and Queen Anne’s Counties to facilitate enhanced communication between Law Enforcement and our agency. Responsibilities of the Law Enforcement Coordinator include providing trainings, technical assistance and coordinating the collection of domestic violence statistics.



 If you are injured or in danger, call 911! The police can help you get to a safe place and obtain medical treatment, if necessary. Once you are out of immediate danger, call our hotline (1-800-927-4673) for information and support.


 Currently, under Maryland Law, if the police respond to a call for service for domestic violence, they may make an arrest if there is evidence of obvious physical injuries, and unless the person is immediately arrested, the person may not be apprehended; may cause physical injury to another; or may tamper with or destroy evidence; and a report was made to the police within 48 hrs.


 The abuser will be released from jail as soon as he/she makes bail. The abuser can be ordered to have no contact with you as a condition of his/her bail.  The abuser may also be released on no bail, which means they are released immediately after seeing the court commissioner.


 If the abuser is found guilty or pleads guilty, the sentence could include a fine, jail time, court-mandated counseling, or a combination of these things.


 You can receive a free notification call when your abuser is released from jail. To register call 1-866-634-8463/ 1-866-MD4VINE

  Lethality Assessment Project

 The Lethality Assessment Project is an innovative program which partners law enforcement personnel and domestic violence service providers in an effort to identify and assist victims of domestic violence who are at risk of being killed.

The Lethality Assessment screen is a questionnaire that contains a series of eleven questions. These questions are used as a tool by law enforcement to determine a victim’s potential for being killed by their intimate partner. A specified combination and quantity of “yes” answers to the questions on the screen will alert a Law Enforcement Officer to the severity of the danger a domestic violence victim faces. If a victim answers the particular questions that would alert the Law Enforcement Officer to the level of danger considered “high danger”, the Law Enforcement Officer will call The MSCFV hotline and tell the hotline worker of the situation. The Law Enforcement Officer will then put the victim on the phone with our hotline worker to explain our services and go over safety planning strategies with the victim.

The Lethality Assessment program was initiated in the Mid-Shore region in November of 2005 with Kent County Sheriff’s Office, Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office, and Cambridge City Police participating. Currently, there are 23 Police Agencies in the Mid Shore participating in the Lethality Assessment program.

Law Enforcement

Training Through the Law Enforcement Program

 Law enforcement personnel have received the following trainings from MSCFV.

 • Lethality Assessment Protocol Training – on-going for newly hired Law Enforcement, as well as, refresher and in service training for Veteran Law Enforcement Officers.

 • Predominant Aggressor

 • Stalking

 • Strangulation

 • Hispanic/Latino Population

 • Additionally, several topics of interest regarding domestic violence are uploaded and trained at a minimum of three times a year.

 All training dates are provided to Law Enforcement agencies on an individual basis.

Trainings are certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission for in-service credit.

If you have any additional questions please send an email or call 410-479-1149.

Law Enforcement Telephone Numbers

 Queen Anne’s County

 Maryland State Police    410-758-1101

Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office    410-758-0770

Centreville Police    410-758-0080

   Kent County

MD State Police    410-778-4511

Kent County Sheriff’s Office    410-778-2277

Chestertown Police    410-778-1800

Rock Hall Police    410-639-7222

Talbot County

MD State Police    410-822-3101

Talbot County Sheriff’s Office    410-822-1020

Easton Police    410-822-1111

Oxford Police    410-226-5650

St. Michaels Police    410-745-9500

Trappe Police      410-476-5005

Caroline County

MD State Police    410-479-3101

Caroline County Sheriff’s Office    410-479-2515

Denton Police    410-479-1414

Federalsburg Police    410-754-8966

Greensboro Police    410-482-6771

Preston Police    410-673-7929

Ridgely Police    410-634-2151

Dorchester County

MD State Police    410-228-3101

Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office    410-228-4141

Cambridge Police    410-228-3333

Hurlock Police    410-943-4020

Fatality Review Teams

The primary purpose of a Fatality Review Team is to review deaths and near fatalities in which intimate partner domestic violence had played a role.  The ultimate goal of these teams is to prevent future domestic violence related fatalities.

 Partners on each team include members from local Law Enforcement, State’s Attorney’s Offices and Domestic Violence service providers for each specific County.  Other concerned parties can be involved with meetings on a case by case basis.  Because of the sensitive nature of the topics discussed, all cases discussed are strictly confidential, and all topics discussed cannot be disclosed to anyone outside of the committee.  The purpose of the Fatality review team is to review cases to determine if and what could have been done differently to prevent a homicide or near homicide. 

Partners in the Law Enforcement Program include:

Caroline County Sheriff’s Department

Kent County Sheriff’s Office

 Talbot County Sheriff’s Office

 Easton Police Department

 Denton Police Department

 St. Michaels Police Department

 Hurlock Police Department

 Greensboro Police Department

 Oxford Police Department

 Dorchester County Sheriff’s Department

 Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office

 Cambridge Police Department

 Chestertown Police Department

 Federalsburg Police Department

 Ridgely Police Department

Centreville Police Department

 Rock Hall Police Department

 Preston Police Department

 Maryland State Police Easton Barrack (Caroline, Talbot and Dorchester Counties)

 Maryland State Police Centreville Barrack (Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties)

 Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police (All 5 mid-shore counties)

 Washington College Campus Security

 Trappe Police Department