Connection Between Mass Shootings and Domestic Violence

Using FBI data and media reports, Every town for Gun Safety developed an analysis of mass shootings that took place between January 2009 and July 2015. The analysis found that there have been at least 133 mass shootings in the nearly seven-year period.

Abusers commonly use firearms to control and terrorize their victims.  A survey of contacts by the National Domestic Violence Hotline found that 16% of respondents’ abusers had access to firearms.  Of those, 10% reported their abusers had actually fired a gun during a domestic violence incident, and 67% believed their abusers were capable of killing them.  The mere presence of a firearm in a domestic violence incident increases the risk of homicide by at least 500%.  A study of 133 mass shootings found a connection between these mass shooting incidents and domestic or family violence; 57% of these cases involved family violence, and in 21 of these cases, the shooter had a prior domestic violence charge.  Firearms and domestic violence are a deadly combination.

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