Ending Domestic Violence One Person at a Time

Every Year, MSCFV's team of trained, caring and knowledgable staff work with over 400 victims and their over 600 children, and over 75 Abusers to help end the cycle of violence. Here's just some of the ways we have made a positive difference.

MSCFV Annual Report

Between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018, MSCFV served 461 victims of family violence and their 670 children. 

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Show Them the Money!

The Economic Empowerment Center addresses the results of economic abuse. See how we've helped!

Our Economic Impact

Abuser Intervention Program

Ending the cycle of violence includes working with abusers. See how the MSCFV AIP Program has made a difference.

AIP Statistics FY2018