In order to connect victims with the services they need there needs to be a general awareness by the community of the prevalence of abuse, the signs and symptoms of family violence, the resources and services that are available through MSCFV, and how to connect with these resources. MSCFV has several programs to raise public awareness. The purpose of MSCFV’s community awareness is to increase society’s consciousness about family violence and their role in addressing this community problem. The top priorities of the campaign are to share information with victims on how to connect with MSCFV’s hotline and services, to educate the public on family violence data and how they can help, and to build a community of support for all family violence victims. 

Chalk Board sketch, social media outreach through line drawings.

Social Media

is key to raising awareness. By ‘liking’ or ‘following’ MSCFV’s social media pages, more people have access to the hotline number and are aware of MSCFV services. When victims are ready to leave the violence, they will have more access to the MSCFV contact information and, hopefully, a stronger awareness and trust of MSCFV services. 


Awareness Kits

created by MSCFV help local businesses, community agencies and government offices reach out to potential and existing victims of family violence to help connect them to MSCFV services. The tools in the kit are designed to enable discreet information that can be easily hidden or reviewed away from the abuser. These tools include:

  • Shoe Cards: These small cards, that can easily be hidden in a shoe, have the MSCFV family violence hotline number and MSCFV contact information printed on them. 
  • Family Violence Hotline Flyers: These flyers are perfect for displaying in public restrooms, fitting rooms and other locations where the victim may be away from view of the abuser.

These kits are available for free to any Mid-Shore entity interested in displaying them. Contact

Victim holding Poster that reads, "I am a Survivor!"

Journey of Strength Campaign

The Journey of Strength campaign engages victims, survivors, staff, community partners and other stakeholders in sharing their stories to raise awareness of the impact of family violence on real people, the services offered by MSCFV and their partners to assist victims, and the results of MSCFV’s work. This campaign:

  • Provides a safe outlet for victims to claim and share their stories, gaining power over their experiences and celebrating their successes
  • Shares knowledge created by MSCFV, promoting the innovative programming and leadership roles taken on by MSCFV to address the needs of victims in the rural Mid-Shore Counties
  • Highlights community partnerships and donors
  • Promotes the impact of MSCFV programming, donor support and community involvement
  • Shares knowledge created by others to educate the community in general and family violence victims specifically in relevant matters such as cybersecurity, court preparation, teen dating violence and more

To be included in the Journey of Strength campaign, contact us at (general email address or