Emergency shelter is available for victims of domestic violence and their minor children in all five counties. With the support of a case manager, shelter services include safety planning, counseling, legal support for protective orders, referral for financial assistance, housing assistance and other support services.  For victims in Emergency Shelter, When needed, MSCFV provides Emergency Shelter residents with:

  •  transportation to the shelter
  •  New cell phones
  • food
  • personal items 
  • gift cards for gasoline
  • clothing 
  • pet care items

The maximum stay in Emergency shelter is 30 days, but adjustments are made if clients are in need of a short extension in order to move into rapid re-housing or transitional accommodations.  

If you are a victim of family violence and need Emergency Shelter, please call us at 1-800-927-4673. Our trained case mangers are available around the clock.