Staff and Board Members

Administrative Staff

Jeanne Y.- Executive Director                                                                                                          

Carol C.- Assistant Director

Angel C. – Legal Program Assistant / Crime Victim Advocate                                                           

Annette C. – Case Manager for Kent County                                                                                        

Audra J. – Legal Program Coordinator                                                                                                 

Carol A. – Administrative Assistant                                                                                                        

Connie K.- Director Legal Program                                                                                                           

Dr. Pamela O. – Program Evaluator                                                                                                   

Donna B. – Transitional Client Advocate   

Bernadine D.-Housing Navigator                                                                                    

Jessica W.- Hotline Advocate                                                                                                               

John D. – Data Analyst                                                                                                                      

Jennifer R.- Trainer and Outreach Coordinator                                                                           

Lorelly S.- Bilingual Outreach & Education Coordinator                                                               

Melissa M.- Paralegal/Resource Coordinator                                                                              

Salome S. – Case Manager for Caroline and Queen Anne’s Counties                                         

Robin S. – Case Management Coordinator                                                                                          

Stefany M.- Economic Environment Center Coordinator                                                                 

Silvia G. – Bilingual Program Coordinator                                                                                            

Susan P. – Bookkeeper                                                                                                                               

Tywanda G. – Case Manager for Talbot and Dorchester Counties                                                      

Vacant  – Bilingual Case Manager

 (AIP) Abuser Intervention Program Facilitators

Marty Cassell – Caroline/Talbot  Counties and Therapist   

Bryan Waters – Dorchester  County

Mike Clark – Kent/Queen Anne’s Counties /  Kent & Women’s Group      

Arville Johns – Substitute

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Christina Wingate – Spence, President    

Katie Pittsinger – Vice President                                                                                                  

Charlotte Taylor – Secretary                                                                                                                       

Jamie Merida – Treasurer

Walter Coryell                                                                         

Carol H. Parlett                                          

Barbara Dabrowski                                                             

Shirley Williams                                         

 John General                                                                            

 Tyler C. Patton                                          

 John Evans