Chesapeake College


English as a Second Language Course

From Elaine Wilson, M.Ed., Director Adult Education & Literacy

Chesapeake College Adult Education has been providing English as a Second Language classes (ESL) to the women involved with Mid-Shore Council on Family Council for the last couple of years. The classes last anywhere from seven to fourteen weeks. MSCFV provides transportation and meals for the students...

Bringing all of the Mid-Shore women together from different locations appears to be a great way for them to make new friends that understand them. By the end of the session the teachers can see how close the ladies have become to one another and have even networked to help one another find various resources to include jobs...

The women are tested prior to class and are taught in groups at this location based on their level of ability. There are women who are learning the ABC's in English as well as how to write their names and addresses and recognize small important words. Then there are women who are much higher level who are learning work force development skills as well as English to prepare them for the next level which would be entering a pre-GED class. Success is within reach for each of these women based on where they are.