Statistics on Domestic Violence


The National Domestic Violence Hotline: General Statistics on domestic violence, stalking, rape, impact on children, teens, and workforce. Visit this site's Data Center to find infographics on current domestic violence and teen dating violence statistics. Focused topics include Guns, Dating, Psychological Aggression, homelessness and more.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: At NCADV, you can find DV statistics at the national and state levels.

Technology and Social Media Safety

Safety Net Project: This nonprofit develops resources and information on the use of technology for agencies and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and trafficking. They also provide tip sheets for dealing with the diverse forms of technology abuse and stalking. 

VAWNet: This program of the National Resource Center on Domestic VIolence is a library of information on technology and domestic violence, providing links to current research, news articles and first-hand accounts of this modern age of domestic violence.

National Network to End Domestic Violence: NNEDV's site has current information on Abuse, Technology and the Law, including how to include technology abuse in criminal and civil court cases.

Articles for more information on Technology Abuse and Safety:


The More You Know


Teen Dating Violence

In 2018, the Maryland Governor's Family Violence Council and Office of Crime Control and Prevention created a guide to help parents, youth, educators and community leaders identify and address the challenges of Teen Dating Violence. The Healthy Teen Dating: A Guide for Educators and Youth Serving Professionals provides links to numerous resources and services focused on ending this epidemic.

Maryland Health Care Against Domestic Violence

The MHCADV provides leadership within the health care community to promote a proactive and effective response to intimate partner violence (IPV) through screening, identification, education, intervention and treatment of IPV victims. Coalition members provide resource materials, training, and seminars on domestic violence-related topics, and technical assistance to health care agencies looking to improve their policies, screening and intervention. Find out more at MHCADV

Scholarships for Family Violence Survivors

The Arellano Scholarship for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Arizona State University offers the Arellano Scholarship for Survivors of Domestic Violence. Both Arizona resident and Non-Arizona residents with 3.00 GPA are eligible to apply.

 Course: Multiple courses, including online
Award: Varies
Eligibility: Incoming freshman, incoming transfer (undergraduate), freshman, sophomore, junior, senior

Deadline: Varies

Break the Silence Against DV Scholarships

Open to all incoming and current college students currently pursuing their education: Master’s Programs, Undergrad, and Vocational/Trade School. Requirements: Minimum 2.0 GPA, personally affected by domestic violence, volunteer experience with domestic violence organization(s) (optional), personal statement, essay: “How can students combat domestic violence?” 

Deadline: July 1st


The Deanna’s Voice Breaking Barriers Scholarship

The program is open to a full/part time student who is attending Public/private College/University, Technical/Vocational Schools, or State/City Sponsored Community Colleges who have experienced intimate partner violence and those who have a desire to see it destroyed. Scholars will be awarded a scholarship for $1,000 each based on the strength of their whole application, including the essay.

Deadline: Varies

Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

This scholarship provides funding for low-income women who have been the victims of domestic abuse. The applicants must be at least 35 or older and pursuing either an associate or bachelor’s degree. Each recipient of this scholarship must be a citizen of the United States and display good leader qualities. Recipients are selected according to the applicant’s financial needs, future career goals, leadership skills, and personal challenges in which they must overcome. 


Scholarship Amount: Up to $5,000

Deadline: March 1st 

The Live Your Dreams Scholarship

The Soroptimist Organization's  Live your Dreams Scholarship is for a female head of household that is enrolled or accepted in vocational/skills training or undergraduate program.  Both U.S. and International citizens can apply. Most regions grant additional $3,000 awards. The first-place recipients then become eligible for one of three $10,000 finalist awards. There is also a local Soroptimist Scholarship opportunity. Contact the Soroptimists of Kent and Queen Anne's County for more information.

Deadline: November

Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation for Women And Children

 Every year, five scholarships of up to $5,000 each are awarded to low-income, abused and battered mothers who have chosen to take control of their lives and better themselves through education. Recipients of this scholarship may use the funds for tuition and expenses towards a college or technical school of their choosing. 

Deadline: August 1st each year

The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)

The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program, Inc. began as a program of The Sunshine Lady Foundation (SLF) in 1999 and for 8 years provided scholarships to women survivors of intimate partner abuse who were changing their lives through education. The program is as support to full or part-time students interested in attending accredited programs at educational institutions. 

Deadline: None