The first thing I would ever mention to somebody is just this right here [MSCFV], and say there is a resource, there is somebody who can walk you through, you don’t need to need to know what all the steps are. All you need to know is that you just need to take that first one. And when you take that first one in that direction, somebody’s gonna guide you through that, that you’re not gonna be alone...                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                               ~ MSCFV Client

Since 1980, Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence (MSCFV) has served as the central point of access for assistance on domestic violence within Maryland’s mid-shore counties, providing services, programs and community connections to break the cycle of domestic violence through intervention and prevention; and by changing society’s attitudes and systems which permit and promote such violence.


Each year, MSCFV works with over 400 victims, partnering them with case managers throughout their journey from crisis to self-sufficiency, empowering them to meet their unique needs. When victims come to MSCFV, usually through the 24/7/365 hotline, they tend to be in crisis. Depending on what each person needs and wants, MSCFV can provide these clients with emergency shelter, crisis counseling, pet safety supports, mental health counseling, daily living supplies, and legal assistance and representation for protective orders.


It is after a victim leaves the crisis stage, on their journey to becoming a self-sufficient survivor, that MSCFV believes the work really begins. Once a victim is out of crisis, they are able to better identify and meet their goals towards achieving a violence free future. At this stage, MSCFV offers case management, mental health counseling, short and long-term housing, rental assistance, utilities assistance, empowerment groups, legal advocacy and representation (divorce and custody, bankruptcy, foreclosure, landlord/tenant issues, debt, and more), education services, immigration services, economic empowerment and job readiness services, and social service supports. While the services are available to clients, transportation to access the services can be a major barrier.


It’s this journey from crisis to self-sufficiency, and the need for dependable transportation that Julia Foxwell, Bluepoint Hospitality’s Community Engagement Director, thought she could help with. In 2019, Bluepoint acquired a new Mercedes Benz passenger van for a project that, like many others, was cancelled due to COVID. “So, we had a really nice passenger van ready for passengers and no more plans for its use. Mr Prager (Bluepoint Hospitality Owner) was adamant that we find the right home for the van where it could benefit the community. In learning about the empowering services of Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence, providing them with the van to connect their clients to needed resources was a fantastic match.”


“We are so very thankful to Mr. Prager and the entire Bluepoint Hospitality team. This is not only the donation of a van, but the gift of increased independence and strength for our clients. The van connects them with their lawyers, doctors, job interviews, community services and more. It helps reduce the impact of one of the many challenges experienced as victims take their long and difficult journey to becoming a survivor.”

Working with community partners like Bluepoint Hospitality, MSCFV is building a network of support to help each victim on their unique journeys, working to end the cycle of domestic violence that occurs too often and is talked about too little.

If you are experiencing family violence and need help, contact MSCFV anytime at 1-800-927-4673. Translation services are available.

To find out how you can support MSCFV, or for more information on any of our new programs, please contact MSCFV at 410-690-3222 or

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