Anchors Away

Anchors Away provides a glimpse of the journeys survivors have taken, of the support our community has given, of current information on domestic abuse, and of the successes and programming that MSCFV has inspired.

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Bluepoint Hospitality and MSCFV: Connecting Domestic Violence Survivors to Community

Working Together to Connect Victims to Community Resources

My Shoe Project: In These Shoes Was a Woman

Victims of Domestic Abuse Share a Pair of Their Shoes and the story of how the shoes reflect their Journey from Victim to Survivor

My Shoe Project: Our Home's Front Door

Victims of Domestic Abuse Share a Pair of Their Shoes and the story of how the shoes reflect their Journey from Victim to Survivor

A Season to Remember

In this year of anxiety and uncertainty, let’s celebrate all the successes more than we deliberate the failures.

From Pressure, a Diamond is Born

In years to come, when we are reflecting on the challenges and pressures experienced in 2020, we know we’ll remember with sadness the people we lost, we’ll think about the struggles of lost jobs and opportunities, and we’ll laugh when we consider the months of empty aisles where toilet paper and cleaning supplies were supposed to be.

You Are Not Trapped

A message from our director regarding dealing with domestic violence while in quarantine.

Dear Domestic Violence Victims, We're Here for You

As we are amidst this period of uncertainty and always changing information, we want you to know that we are committed to helping you live a life free of violence.

Holiday Adopt-a-Family

A quick message from us regarding the past holiday's Adopt-a-Family campaign.

The Brave and the Beautiful of Caroline County

If you knew putting on a dress, a boa, some high-heeled shoes and of course some great accessories, and then walking a mile in front of friends and neighbors could help save a person’s life, would you do it?

Caroline County to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® campaign is an event dedicated to helping end rape, sexual assault, and gender violence.

MSCFV Receives Mary Kay Foundation Recognition

In support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, The Mary Kay FoundationSM announced it is awarding $3 million in grants to 150 domestic violence shelters across the country.

Leaving No One Behind, Not Even Pets

The MSCFV Pet Safety Program helps victims care for their pets throughout their journey to strength.

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