Since 1980, Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence has served as the central point of access for assistance on domestic violence within Maryland’s mid-shore counties, providing services, programs and community connections to break the cycle of domestic violence through intervention and prevention; and by changing society’s attitudes and systems which permit and promote such violence. Each year, MSCFV works with over 400 victims, partnering them with case managers throughout their journey from crisis to self-sufficiency, empowering them to meet their unique needs. MSCFV’s Empowerment Programming goes beyond crisis counselling and emergency shelter, to include a breadth of services to address the many and diverse challenges and obstacles that have prevented victims from living safe, self-sufficient lives free of violence.

Through the Empowerment Center section of this site, MSCFV will provide information, resources and connections to empower:

  1. Victims in moving away from the violence and achieving long-term self-sufficiency. For Victims
  2. Other Organizations to provide comprehensive, empowering services to end the cycle of violence. For Organizations
  3. Communities to help their members who are experiencing domestic abuse and to create an environment where domestic abuse. For Communities