Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence Case Managers and Legal Program Team Members work with victims of domestic abuse to provide free:

  • Legal Information - victims’ legal rights and options
  • Assistance Gathering and Organizing court documents
  • Advocacy/Accompaniment - going with victims to court
  • Representation - lawyers

If you are interested in working with MSCFV, call the MSCFV hotline anytime at 1-800-927-4673 (HOPE) or CHAT with an MSCFV Advocate through this website. You are also invited to one of our free legal clinics.

If you are not currently working with MSCFV, or are just want to know more, WomensLaw.org and The Peoples Law Library of Maryland are excellent resources for legal information related to domestic violence and family violence. Here are some of their tip sheets with basic legal information on the legal definition of domestic abuse, protective orders, and what to expect during court days.