Our Services

Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence's Chesapeake Crisis to Self-Sufficiency ModelTM is an intentional approach to walking with clients as they transition from domestic violence victim to self-sufficient survivor, clearly communicating the path “Where you were… Where you are… Where you are going.” This model partners case managers with victims throughout their entire journey, connecting victims to MSCFV services and community partners, meeting the unique needs of each client. Programming components change as victims' needs and wants change along their path to self-sufficiency.

Emergency Hotline

The 24-hour hotline is available to all domestic violence victims seeking crisis intervention, emergency shelter, pet friendly shelter and services, assistance with protective orders, information, referral, emotional support, and guidance.

Holistic Case Management

Empowering victims of domestic violence with a continuum of services to meet their diverse needs as they journey from crisis to self-sufficiency.

Emergency Shelter

Emergency shelter is available for victims of domestic violence, their minor children, and their pets in all five counties.

Pet Safety Program

MSCFV Pet Safety Program helps victims care for their pets so that they can take the journey to self-sufficiency together.

Legal Program

Providing victims of domestic violence assistance through the judicial system.

Mental Health & Counseling

Trained Counselors and Mental Health Professionals are available to assist victims as they work on self-empowerment and strength.

Economic Empowerment

The Economic Empowerment Center identifies and addresses the economic abuse challenges that victims must overcome to create a financially sound foundation.

Housing and Housing Supports

Providing safe housing and assistance to victims of family violence.

Homelessness Prevention

For domestic violence victims that can safely stay in their homes but need some assistance.

Immigration Services

Providing comprehensive services to immigrant victims of family violence.

Hispanic Services

To better assist victims within the Hispanic Community, MSCFV provides services that recognize language and cultural diversities.

Law Enforcement Partnership

Responding to Emergency Domestic Violence Calls, law enforcement officers are often a victim's first link to MSCFV.

Community Awareness

In order to connect victims with the services they need there needs to be a general awareness by the community. With the help of community partners, MSCFV provides information and services to engage community members in networks of support.