What Is the Empowerment Center for Victims?

Through MSCFV's program model, case managers walk with and empower clients throughout their transition from family violence victims to self-sufficient survivors. From providing Emergency Shelter and lawyers to help with getting protective orders, through the purchase of their own home, the securing of long-term jobs, or the achievement of other long-term goals, the MSCFV team will work with you on a regular basis to help you access the services you need. However, there are times you have a quick question or would like to know how to handle certain situations.

The Empowerment Center For Victims site provides information and resources on some of the most frequent issues we hear about from clients. You can use this information as you work with an MSCFV case manager or by yourself, and at any stage of your journey to self-sufficiency. This information is in addition to any programs, services, connections and information you can access directly from MSCFV Case Managers.

This section is a work in progress. We will continue to add information related to the barriers, challenges and opportunities we learn about from our clients. If you have topics you think would be helpful for other victims and survivors, please email your ideas to info@mscfv.org.

Topics covered in the Empowerment Center For Victims Section include: [click on the title for direct link]

Legal Resources

Social Media Safety

Scholarships for School

Wellness for Victims

Empowering Songs