Knowledge is Power.

For victims of domestic abuse, enrolling in an educational program can be both freeing and empowering. For victims still with their abusers, Educational Sabotage can be one more form a violence their abuser uses. This could look like preventing someone from attending class, blocking them from financial supports or stealing their financial aid, using the education as a reason for increased physical violence, and numerous other ways the abuser exerts power and control over the victim to affect their educational achievement.

Pursuing Education (GED, Technical Schooling, College, ...) could also be a starting point for victims in achieving financial independence and self-sufficiency that they need to end the cycle of violence. Not to mention the many other benefits people experience by achieving educational goals: improved physical and mental health, increased confidence, the development of support networks, increased sense of accomplishment, career entry and advancement, and so much more.

But education can be expensive. Your local public librarians may be able to help you research available grants and scholarships. There are scholarships available to victims of domestic abuse.

Arellano Scholarship

Arizona State University offers the Arellano Scholarship for Survivors of Domestic Violence.

Arizona residents and Non-Arizona Residents with 3.00 GPA are eligible to apply.

Course: Multiple courses, including online

Award: Varies


  • Incoming freshman, incoming transfer (undergraduate), freshman, sophomore, junior, senior
  • Need Based
  • Must include letter stating status as victim of domestic abuse. Letter could be from clergy or counselor at a Domestic Violence Agency such as MSCFV.

Deadline: Usually mid-March.


WISP Program

Education is a powerful tool which breaks down barriers and opens doors of opportunity. The objective of the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP) is to help survivors of intimate partner abuse obtain an education that will in turn offer them the chance to secure employment, personal independence and self sufficiency.

Scholarship Amount: $500 - $2,000 per semester or quarter

Priority Given to Single Mothers of Young Children, but all female survivors may apply.

Does not need to be a full-time student. Good for trade and technical schools, certificate and short-term programs, as well as college program (Associates, Bachelors and Masters)

Deadline: Application will be Available January 1, 2022

To be eligible to submit an application for the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program all potential applicants must:

  •  Identify as a female survivor of intimate partner abuse
  •  Be physically separated from her abuser a minimum of one year but not more than seven.
  •  Have sought services from a non-profit agency that provides services to survivors of intimate partner abuse for a minimum of 6 consecutive months. This agency is willing to act as sponsor by mentoring and providing support to the student throughout her educational experience and can accept funds on behalf of the applicant, should a scholarship for living expenses be awarded.
  •  Be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States, or have an immigration status that makes her eligible for FAFSA, and be a current physical resident of the United States or its territories.
  •  Have applied to or been officially accepted into an accredited course of study at a United States institution.
  •  Demonstrate a critical need for financial assistance. We define critical need as having an income that does not cover living expenses.
  •  Exhibit a strong desire and the ability to complete a training and/or academic program.
  •  Have a definite plan to use the desired training to upgrade skills for career advancement, to train for a new career field, or to enter or reenter the job market.

Angel Scholarships

The Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence Angel Scholarship Program is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors or 2-year to 4-year college attendees. The Angel Fund recognizes and honors victims, survivors, children, and relatives of those affected by domestic violence. Students are also recognized for their capacity to lead and serve and their commitment to making a significant impact in advocating against domestic violence.

Open to all incoming and current college students currently pursuing their education: Master’s Programs, Undergrad, and Vocational/Trade School.

Requirements: Visit their site (linked below) to find out more.

Deadline: Application Available February of each year.


Jeannette Rankin Women’s Fund

The Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund provides funding for low-income women who are at least 35 or older and pursuing either an associate or bachelor’s degree or trade skills certification. Each recipient of this scholarship must be a citizen of the United States and display good leader qualities. Recipients are selected according to the applicant’s financial needs, future career goals, leadership skills, and personal challenges in which they must overcome.   

Scholarship Amount: Up to $5,000

Deadline: Application is Available November through February.


Live Your Dreams Scholarship

The Live Your Dream Awards, sponsored by the Soroptimist Organization, offers three levels of cash awards. 

Eligibility Requirements Include: You must be a woman who

  • Provides the primary financial support for yourself and your dependents.
  • Has financial need.
  • Is enrolled in or has been accepted to a vocational/skills training program or an undergraduate degree program.
  • Is motivated to achieve your education and career goals.
  • Does not have a graduate degree.

Deadlines: August 1 - November 15.

Funding Amount: Ultimately, a Live Your Dream Awards finalist has the potential receive up to $16,000 to help offset tuition costs, purchase books, get transportation, or find reliable childcare so she can worry less about how to pay her bills and focus on reaching her dreams.

There is also a local Soroptimist Scholarship opportunity. Contact the Soroptimists of Kent and Queen Anne's County for more information.

Deadline: November


Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation

Scholarship Amount: Five Scholarships of up to $5,000

Eligibility: Women and Children

Focus: Low-income, abused and battered mothers who have chosen to take control of their lives and better themselves through education. Recipients of this scholarship may use the funds for tuition and expenses towards a college or technical school of their choosing.

Deadline: August 1st each year


Free Financial Literacy Training for Victims of Domestic Violence working with MSCFV. Talk to Your Case Manager or email