Dear Victims of Family Violence,

As we are amidst this period of uncertainty and always changing information, we want you to know that we are committed to helping you live a life free of violence. You are more than just our clients, you are part of our MSCFV family, and as such we will help each other get through this crisis and we will come out stronger and with a better awareness of the great things we can accomplish when we work together.

The health and safety of all of our team members, including you, is our top priority. In accordance with Governor Hogan’s requests, we are temporarily closing our offices in all five counties, but we are still here to help. 

  • Our Hotline WILL NOT close. It is available 24/7/365. Please make sure to share this number with anyone that can use it: 1-800-927-4673. Victims can also contact our hotline through our Website and from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Accounts.
  • Emergency Shelter for victims, their children and pets is available. (Call the Hotline)
  • You can still get a protective order, and we can help you remotely. Visit the GET HELP DURING CLOSURES tab on our website to find out how, and don't forget to call us for help completing the forms. 
  • MSCFV Case Managers are still available to help clients through the phone and email – reach out to your case manager just to check in. If you don’t know their number, call 410-690-3222 during business hours.
  • Our legal team is still working on our clients’ cases even while the courts are closed. If you have new legal challenges, reach out to your case manager.
  • Other services are available on a case by case basis through case managers, so call them.

We have had to temporarily suspend our Support Groups, Therapy Sessions, Abuser Intervention Program and Anger Management Classes. We will keep you informed as these services become available again.

Case Managers are your connection to MSCFV services, so please stay in touch. Please contact us with any concerns or questions. You are not alone!

In High Hopes of a Healthy Future,

Jeanne Yeager

Executive Director

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