Abuser Intervention Program Certificate

The Abuser Intervention Program (AIP) provides the information and counseling that abusers need to change destructive ways of relating to the important people in their lives. The AIP is a comprehensive set of counseling services designed specifically for individuals who display abusive behavior within the family. The centerpiece of this program is a 26-week group comprehensive set of counseling services with group experiences and individual sessions provided to each participant. Most of the individuals involved in this program have been referred by the local court system. However, others may attend the program voluntarily.  

Program Philosophy

 The philosophy of the AIP is that any form of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse within a family relationship is unacceptable and creates devastating consequences to both the abuser and victim. In addition, we believe that most abusive individuals do not enjoy their behavior and would change if given support and taught substitute behavior.

People who batter are capable of personal transformation and many in the AIP will make extensive changes for the better. However, certain conditions must exist:

  • Participants must be held fully accountable for their use of violence by a community which establishes and enforces consequences for repeated acts of abuse
  • Participants must have an environment which in nonviolent, non-judgmental, and respectful of family members.
  • The participant must be willing to work through a long process and be deeply honest and become accountable to the victims who have been harmed.

MSCFV believes that by working with abusers to eliminate their abusive behaviors, the physical, social, mental and economic health of all relationship members can be improved.

For more information on the MSCFV Abuser Intervention Program, call 410-690-3222 or contact info@mscfv.org.

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