I went to the State’s Attorney and they got me in touch with Mid-Shore Council. I think I got a card and I called... so I got to meet MSCFV and my Journey began. [Prior to that], I had known about Mid-Shore. I didn’t know everything that Mid-Shore did. I didn’t know the extent of what they did.  ~ MSCFV Client

The MSCFV 24-hour hotline (1-800-927-4673), an important crisis service, is available to all domestic violence victims seeking crisis intervention, emergency shelter, pet friendly shelter and services, information and referral, emotional support, counseling and guidance. A trained Hotline Advocate answers the hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For victims whose primary language is not English, MSCFV hotline counselors have access to Spanish-speaking counselors, and translation technology for other languages. Technology to translate to over 40 languages and dialects.

Most hotline callers do go on to receive other services. For example, 86% received additional counseling, 88% received follow up services, and 38% had an advocate accompany them to court.

MSCFV advocates answered 513 hotline calls from victims in crisis in fiscal year 2020. During these calls, advocates often discuss Safety Planning, Community Resources, and Legal Rights & Options.

Topics discussed in hotline calls in FY2020

The majority of victims achieve positive outcomes in these calls, including a better understanding of the cycle of violence, a better understanding of their rights and options, and a readiness to take the next step in ending the violence.

Hotline call outcomes FY2020

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, MSCFV experienced a decline in new clients coming to the agency, compared to the previous year. For example, new program enrollments were down 46% in March 2020, 39% in April 2020, and 24% in May 2020.

With courts starting to reopen in June 2020, the number of hotline calls and clients increased significantly. Most notably, MSCFV received 38 lethality calls in June 2020, the highest experienced in a single month since the beginning of the program

To provide victims a way to contact the MSCFV hotline without having to speak out loud, a chat feature was added to this website.