Immigration Status provides additional ways for abusers to express power and control over victims.

This could include:

  • threatening deportation if victim speaks out
  • destroying documents needed for immigration services
  • preventing victims from learning English, creating isolation
  • lying about filing paperwork

Services for immigrant survivors must respect and reflect their unique needs, including languages spoken, and religious and cultural practices.

MSCFV, through a partnership with AYUDA, provides comprehensive services to immigrant victims of family violence. MSCFV has entered into an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as part of AYUDA’s Violence Against Women Act Legal Assistance Grant, to provide Immigration Attorney representation to MSCFV clients. Services include filing applications for visa status changes available through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). MSCFV staff collect the necessary documentation then refer the case to Immigration Attorneys located at AYUDA. AYUDA attorneys come to the agency’s Administrative Office to implement intakes, meet clients and begin their representation.


Translation Technology is available to assist clients and lawyers.

Through a MOU between AYUDA and MSCFV, clients receive specialized immigration services, at no cost, as a result of being victims of crime.