Talking about my issues with the therapist in the beginning was very helpful. I was afraid to talk about certain things that I haven't spoken with anyone but I was able to talk with him and after that I felt better. I felt like a heavy weight was lifted out of my shoulders. In the beginning of the therapy I was not able to sleep with the lights off. I was traumatized. Now I returned to my normal life and I am able to sleep with the lights off.

MSCFV Client

Victims of domestic violence are at a significantly higher risk of experiencing mental health challenges including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, substance abuse, and thoughts of suicide. As part of their unique plans, victims working with MSCFV can choose from a continuum of mental health services, including:

  • One-on-One Sessions with a clinical therapist
  • Support Groups
  • Mentoring of other victims once self-sufficiency is achieved

Mental Health Services are provided in English and Spanish.

If you are interested in Mental Health Services, contact your MSCFV case manager.

Benefits of Mental Health Services on Victims of Domestic Abuse

In FY2020, MSCFV Clients who receive counseling from a licensed therapist indicated that they benefited emotionally from these services. For example, after 6 sessions, 88% of survivors say they are healing emotionally and 82% feel less distressed. They indicate that the supportive environment of therapy gives them a safe space to process what they’ve experienced and begin to move on. For example, survivors participating in therapy in FY2020 said:

I was feeling very isolated and afraid. I felt like I was crazy and [the therapist] helped me heal.

I learned that I should love myself better. I know that I am worthy now.

Therapy has given me the ability to talk about and process and what happened to me.